Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby food mode: Pumpkin & apple recipe

Pumpkin, carrot and apple purée ( 7 mths )


1/2 pumpkin
1 carrot
1 apple
1 - 2 cups of water

1. Wash, peel and cut into small pieces/ chunks. Put everything in a pot with just enough water to cover. 
2. Boil/steam until tender.
3. Put into the blender and pureeing. Use/add the left over water from the pot for thinning the purée.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby's pasta bolognese..

Hi everyone!..

Hari ni just nak share a simple recipe for your kids or baby...

Vege spiral pasta bolognese.


1 bowl vege spiral pasta ( or may use other pasta)
2 batang carrot (diparut)
2 biji tomato (dice)
1 biji bawang besar (dice)
3 ulas bawang putih (cincang)
1 dada ayam (cut into small dice) or you may use minced chicken / meat
5 sudu besar sos tomato (agak-agak mcm kurang, boleh tambah lg)
Sedikit Italian herbs
Sedikit garam
1 bowl air
Sedikit minyak zaitun

1. Rebus pasta singgah masak. Masukkan sedikit minyak zaitun semasa merebus pasta supaya tidak melekat. Tos dan ketepikan.
2. Tumis bawang putih dan bawang besar di dalam kuali non stick sehingga naik bau. Masukkan  isi ayam dan goreng hingga sedikit masak.
3. Masukkan Italian herbs dan kacau ingat naik bau. Kemudian, masukkan tomato yg telah didadu tadi. Kacau seketika dan masukkan air. Reneh seketika sehingga tomato hancur.
4. Masukkan carrot yg telah diparut. Masukkan sos tomato dan sedikit garam. Kacau dan biar seketika. Jika kuah agak masam, masukkan sedikit gula.
5. Apabila kuah sudah sedikit kering, masukkan pasta yg telah direbus tadi. Kacau sehingga rata atau kering.
6. Tutup api dan sedia dihidang utk si kecik.

*sukatan mangkuk tu saya guna mangkuk Ikea...

Selamat mencuba!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Things that change when you have a baby..

  • You discover an inner strength you never realised you had.

  • You accept that the last 15 pregnancy pounds you can't seem to shift are absolutely worth it.

  • You don't need a clock any more - your baby now sets your daily schedule.

  • You respect and love your own parents in a new way.

  • Any pain your baby suffers feels much worse than your own.

  • You don't mind going to bed at 9pm on a Friday night. (This is soo true!)

  • Your heart breaks much more easily.

  • You discover how much there is to say about one little baby tooth.

  • You look at your baby in the mirror instead of yourself.

  • You're no longer disgusted by babies' bodily functions - in fact, you're fascinated by them (hooray, a poo!).

  • The sacrifices you thought you'd made to have a baby no longer seem that big a deal.

  • You respect your body ... finally.

  • You realise that a baby's comforter has magical powers!

  • You give parents with a screaming baby an "I-know-the-feeling" look, instead of a "Can't-they-shut-him-up?" one.

  • You make time for one more baby hug and kiss, even if it means you'll be late.

  • You realise that it's possible to love a complete stranger.

  • You learn that taking a shower is a luxury, never mind a trip to the hairdresser's.

  • You finally get to speak to the shy neighbour in your street, because you've got a baby in your arms.

  • You find that things that once seemed important are now meaningless.

  • Every day is a surprise.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Pulau Tioman

Ok, saya tahu agak lama jugak tak update blog. sibuk dgn daily routine and berjalan sana sini. Entri kali ni nak cerita pasal our trip to Pulau Tioman. 1st quarter of 2012, penuh dgn aktiviti berjalan dan bercuti bersama keluarga tersayang je... hehehe... 7 - 9 April 2012, we when to Pulau Tioman. We have booked it since last year. We stayed at Berjaya Resort. We drove from KL to Mersing. Guess what, we start our journey at 4am!. Alhamdulillah, so far Batrisyia ok je kalau kejut dia tgh syok2 tido tu utk bangun mandi and bersiap g berjalan. Heheh. She had used to it. For her, nanti dalam kereta boleh continue tido lagi dlm car seat dia yg sgt comfort tu. So, takde la drama swasta di pagi hari budak kecik tak nak bangun mandi ke apa. Tapi mummy dia pula yg agak drama untuk bangun dipagi hari sebab sayangkan katil utk ditinggalkan. Ok la, here are some picture from our trip:

Dekat jetty tgh tunggu boat...

Excited tak sabar nak naik boat...

On the way ke hotel...

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Lepas dah puas tido, pergi mandi swimming pool pula...

Batrisyia's first snorkeling... hehehe

Excited nak mandi laut lagi tp mummy tak bagi...

Bukan main lagi.. Ingat dalam rumah ke cik adik oii..

Happy as always...

Family trip photo... heheh

Bye bye... ;)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ok, lama giler kot i tak update blog... Batrisyia pon dah masuk 8 mths... been very busy with my daily routine.. as you're know, am i working mother... so, don't have so much time to spend on updating my blog... when back from home, i will give all my time to my baby and doing housework... yeah, i don't have maid.. cause we are not afford yet to have one!.. ;) moreover, i'm prefer if i do all the house chores by myself with the little help from my hubby... dah kata pon, husband and wife... so, doing house chore is not entirely depend on wife only!.. hehehe.. that's my opinion...

just want to share on what happen last months... hehehe.. itu pon kalau i still can recall everythings.. ;) 

10 - 12 march: we when off to Perlis. Saja balik cause dah lama tak blk kg. Actually, my parent are from Kedah. So, we have so many relatives in Kedah & Perlis. This time we are going to stay at my aunt's place. 

13 - 19 March: Batrisyia had admitted to the APSH due to high fever. It was her first time she had admitted to the hospital. Few weeks before she admitted, she had intermittent fever. Dia akan demam time awal pagi around 4am / 5am / 6.30am. On day time, she will active like always and don’t  have fever at all. At first, I thought, it was ok since that she only got fever just for a few hours. But then, the fever is getting worse. On the way, we went back from Perlis, her fever are getting worse. As a mother, I was worried like hell!. But I didn’t show it because if my hubby see, he will become worse than me. Hahaha. So, before we when to Ampang Puteri Hospital, we had went to Hospital Pulau Pinang. It’s because of her fever getting to high and we are on the way back to KL. Tak sampai hati tgk budak tu merenggek. As her mother, I know that if she acting like that means that she is really unwell. So, when we reached there, her fever is 38 degree something. Doc advise us to admit her to the hospital. But since that we are going back to KL, I’m asking her to postponed until we reach KL. So, the doctor just put a pill through her bottom and gave us a referral letter. Then, fever dia dah tak tinggi sgt. So, that night we had to stay in Penang before we when off to KL.
Early morning je, we straight away when back to KL. On the way back she still had a fever. When we reached APSH, her fever was 40 degree! So, she had admitted to the hospital. Kebetulan pulak, time tu memang ramai baby n kids yg demam mcm dia. So, bilik utk 2 org pon penuh and we just take a room for 4. She had a drip and some antibiotic. Her paeds was Dr Lim. He was a good doctor!. Alhamdulillah, after a 6 days we check in at the hospital, she is fully recovered. ;)

She didn't cry when the nurses do this to her hand.

Name tag masuk hospital.. ;)

1st day: Letih sgt...

Getting better...

If you notice, there's a mark of plaster on her hand. this is the first hand that she had a drip. Disebabkan lasak sgt sampai jarum patah, kena tukar tangan sebelah pula utk drip. Mummy tgk pula yg takut.

28 – 31 March: Off to Bali. Yeah, we went to Bali. I had a company trip as a reward for our last year performance. So, since that I still can’t leave her alone with her daddy, so I decided to bring my hubby and her together. At first I was undecided due to so many opinions and advise that I receive from people around me. At the end, I just booked the ticket and just a few days before we fly, I made her passport. Her daddy complain to me that her daughter have her own passport at the age of 8 months! While daddy had to wait 27 years before having his own passport. :D Alhamdulillah, her first experience travelling by flight was so good. Tak meragam langsung!. But mummy pulak yg pening sbb Batrisyia duduk tak diam dlm basin baby tu. Ok, picture Bali nanti dah transfer, I will uploaded.

So, later I will update on our first family vacation to Cameron Highland. ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

4 going to 5..

She is 4 months going to 5 month old...

- pantang letak, terus meniarap
- tak boleh if mummy hilang dr pandangan mata dia even daddy is holding her
- will respond whenever people calling her name
- love to stand everytime people holding her
- she drinks alot
- allergic to pureen baby bath soap (tak sangka si kecik ni sensitive skin)
- happy & laughing alot if she's full (kenyang perut, suka hati)
- suka jalan-jalan (pantang kalau org bersiap, dia perhati je.. takut org tinggal dia kot.. ;D )
- kuat membebel if mood tgh baik
- will scream when she get bored (always happen time mummy & daddy tgh nk mkn kan.. abis whole restaurant dgr suara si kecik ni bising)
- her weight is around 5.6kg.. (semakin berat)
- know how to hold a thing.. semua yg dia pegang je, nak masuk mulut..
- love to smile... tak kira sape dia tgk, mesti nak senyum sampai auntie dkt pavilion tegur kata si kecik ni murah dgn senyuman.

*balik keje je, hilang semua penat bila layan si kecik ni.. ;)  

that's it... nanti continue lg...

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm growing up!

 Please excuse my double chin... Tq... ;)

 I don't need this..  I just wanna get out from this car seat!.. ;)

 Mummy, can i have your camera for awhile?

Meet my friend, Mr Lion.